Monday, April 7, 2014

11 Time Champions

This weekend we competed at the EV Challenge at NCCAR in Garysburg, NC.  We are pleased to announce some excellent results.  Without further ado:
Team results:
1st Place Overall, Car Class
1st Place Overall, Truck Class
1st Place Overall, STEM Cycle
1st Place School Initiative
2nd Place, Vehicle Design, Truck Class
2nd Place, Vehicle Design, STEM Cycle

Individual (or partner) events:
1st place, Troubleshooting: Ryan Latronico and Justin Poplaski
1st place, Oratorical: Katiana Vazquez and Tyler King
1st Place, Range (Car): Zac Bender and Justin Poplaski
1st Place, Jeopardy, Ben Nazelrod and Justin Poplaski
1st Place, Range (Truck): Grant Simme and Weston Hicks
1st Place, Autocross (Truck): Ben Nazelrod
1st Place, Acceleration (STEM Cycle): Brandon Whaley
1st Place, Range (STEM Cycle): Brandon Whaley
1st Place, Autocross (STEM Cycle): Roberto Gonzalez
2nd Place, Autocross (Car): Ryan Latronico  (A very consistent and fast performance!)
2nd Place, Acceleration (Truck): Logan Moore
2nd Place, Troubleshooting: Weston Hicks and Domenick DiBiase
3rd Place, Acceleration (Car): Katiana Vazquez
3rd Place, Jeopardy: Logan Moore and Tyler King
3rd Place, Oratorical: Grant Simme and Zac Bender
Our small-scale STEM Cycle was completed just in time to compete!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Quick update

The EV program has been hard at work designing our small-scale (Electrathon-style) electric vehicle over the past two months.  We are now receiving equipment and will begin assembly in preparation for the EV Challenge on April 4-6.  Pictures of our progress will be posted soon.

Friday, October 25, 2013

First Place at the NEAT Rally

We competed last weekend at the NEAT Rally at NCCAR in Northampton County, NC; our Truck finished 1st place overall.  Special thanks to Tim George of Wilmington Motor Works and Greg Tarleton of Bluewater Motor Sports for transporting our vehicles; Tim was also invaluable in helping the event run smoothly.  Event results are as follows:

1st Place Jeopardy (Truck) - Ben and Justin
2nd Place Autocross (car) - Ryan

1st Place Autocross (truck) - Ben

1st Place Acceleration (car) - Logan and Katiana

2nd Place Acceleration (Truck) - Tyler and Roberto

2nd Place Troubleshooting (car) - Grant and Zac

1st Place Troubleshooting (truck) - Ryan and Justin

1st Place Range (truck) - Zac and Brandon

2nd Place Range (car) - Grant and Justin

1st Place overall - Truck (award presented by EV Challenge Executive Director, Steve Garrett)

More Pictures from the event:
A rare view inside the MR2.
Top two jeopardy teams, ready for action!

Pit Crew


Four Topsail Conversions - all together in the same place

Mr. Jeffcoat keeping an eye on things.


Ready to accelerate!


This is a tight fit.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ready for the NEAT Rally

Our vehicles are loaded up and on their way to the NEAT Rally in Northampton County, NC, thanks to the transportation graciously donated by Blue Water Motorsports.  We also received generous donations from H.H. Gregg, Food Lion, Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods.
A special thanks to Greg, Roy, and all the folks at Blue Water Motorsports.
 We have installed a new electric heating system in our truck that should keep the windows frost-free this fall.

Brandon extracting the blower motor from a donor truck.
 One final step was to install the J1772 charging port on the car, which works with the charging station donated by Schneider Electric.
The port is cleverly hidden in the vent; you can use a regular household outlet with the plug under the fuel door.
The EVlink charging station, powered on and charging the MR2.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Spot Festival

Once again the Topsail Electric Vehicles were on display at the NC Spot Festival in Hampstead.  The event was a great success with beautiful weather both days.  We were able to educate many community members about our vehicles while enjoying good music and food.

A beautiful day in Hampstead.

Our new LED lighting system is great for nighttime displays.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lights, Camera, Action!

Our new school year is now underway, and one of our first tasks was to lead the homecoming parade.

Although the game didn't turn out in our favor, the vehicles were a big hit, especially the new lighting system we have added to the car.
We are busy adding a similar system to the truck, and hope to have another surprise in store before this weekend's Spot Festival.

We hope to have both vehicles in top condition before our first competition, the NEAT rally at NCCAR on October 18-19.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Introducing the Voltswagen!!

We are proud to announce the completion of our latest vehicle, a 1961 VW Bug, the Voltswagen, just in time for Mr. Garrett's 50th birthday!  The car belongs to Mr. Garrett, our former instructor, who was just named Executive Director of the EV Challenge.  In addition to everyday use, he will use this vehicle as a tool for recruiting new schools to participate in the EV Challenge. 
Some students stayed late into the night to get it finished!
The front battery box; charger is underneath.

The rear battery box, on the package shelf.

Plugged in and charging!

She's ready to go!

The Motor, controller and DC/DC converter.

Details of the car are as follows:

44 100 Ah Thundersky Cells
Lithiumate Lite BMS
Elcon PFC 1500 Charger
DCP Raptor 1200A Controller
ADC 9" Motor
Battery heaters
Range:  75 miles projected
Top Speed: Faster than stock
Acceleration: MUCH faster than stock