Wednesday, April 29, 2015

EV Challenge Results

Swapping out the motor in the MR2

Trophies out the wazoo! Topsail High Electric vehicle has just returned from the North Carolina EV Challenge competition. We took home overall 1st place in the Truck/Car class, 1st in the STEM cycle class, and 3rd in the Modified class, along with 1st place trophies for 9 different individual events. Though we faced a multitude of unexpected issues, the intelligence and work ethic of our students, along with the generosity of others attending the event, allowed us to overcome many of these issues. In particular, Northampton High School loaned us an electric motor for the MR2 after ours suffered a catastrophic failure during the acceleration run. Now we are working on cleanup, a few minor repairs, and fundraising for next year. Stay tuned for info on those in the coming weeks!