Sunday, September 26, 2010

AutoCross at CFCC

    Several hundred auto enthusiasts were "shocked" to see how well a battery powered MR2 can do on an Autocross course.  Thanks to Brad Draughn and the Cape Fear Chapter of the SCCA, we were allowed to make several runs on their Autocross course Sunday at the CFCC North Campus. EV11 team member Sean drove with co-pilot Brad for two runs, finishing with a respectable 55 second run, good practice for the Autcross event we will participate in at NCCAR this November.  
    Brad, a tech for Toyota of Wilmington, took the controls for two runs with a low time of 49 seconds. His first drive in an EV, Brad was impressed with how well the MR2 performed.  He definitely had an "EV grin"!  The fastest time of the day was in the low 40's, so we did very well against our gas powered competition.  

Spot Festival 2010 display

The EV 11 team has spent two days displaying the EV's at the 2010 Hampstead Spot Festival.  Thousands of visitors stopped by for fun, festivities and a Spot fish dinner.  We had hundreds of very interested visitors stop by our display for information on our project.  This event is the largest one we have locally, and it draws quite a crowd.  Our push this year was to inform of how we intend to raise funds for a Lithium battery transplant in the MR2.  Hopefully, we can raise enough money to buy a new Lithium battery pack.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

National Speed sponsors EV 11 Team shirts!

National Speed in Wilmington has agreed to sponsor our team shirts for this year.  Intracoastal Design in Hampstead provided the shirts and printing of the logos.  The shirts look great and certainly make our team look more professional.  Thanks to National Speed and Intracoastal Design for a job well done.