Saturday, May 5, 2012

9 time EV Challenge Champs!!

We have done it again, placed first overall at the EV Challenge final event.  This year we had a low point total of 12 with 10 being the lowest you can get(like a golf score where lowest total wins).  We placed first in every category except for the Range event with the Modified MR2.  The Ranger placed third overall and finished one point out of first place with 22 points.  The EV12  team has been an amazing, tight knit group and has proven to be leaders among their peers. 
Here is the press release:
   It is my pleasure to announce that the efforts of my EV12 class has resulted in an unprecedented 9th consecutive National Championship in the EV Challenge competition this past weekend at the NCCAR facility in Roanoke Rapids, NC. 
Winning isn't everything, however success doesn't come without hard work and dedication.  I am very proud of the team this year for their character and maturity.  They were complimented this past weekend by everyone from the executive director of the program to the "breakfast lady" at the hotel.  Please take the time to congratulate the EV12 Team on their success.  They placed in every competitive event.
The team won the following awards:
1st Overall (Toyota MR2 team)
3rd Overall (Ford Ranger team)
1st Vehicle Design (Modified Class) 
1st Vehicle Design Truck Class
1st EV Jeopardy (Toyota MR2 team)  Ryan Mowrey, Hannah Fennell
1st Troubleshooting  Dylan Karach, Shelby Sessions
1st Autocross(Modified Class)  Dylan Karach
1st Acceleration (Modified Class)  Parker Hollingsworth
1st Oral Presentation (Toyota MR2 team)  Michael Castoro, Roman Starodubtsev
2nd School Initiative Overall
2nd Range (Modified Class)  Roman Starodubtsev, Shelby Sessions
2nd Range (Truck Class)  Ryan Mowrey, Parker Hollingsworth
2nd Autocross (Truck Class)  Shelby Sessions
2nd Oral Presentation (Ford Ranger team)  John-Eric White, Parker Hollingsworth
2nd Acceleration (Truck Class) John-Eric White
3rd EV Jeopardy (Ford Ranger team)  Aaron Banks, Alex Dougherty
4th Troubleshooting  (Truck Class)  Matt Underwood, Ryan Berkey

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