Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ready for the NEAT Rally

Our vehicles are loaded up and on their way to the NEAT Rally in Northampton County, NC, thanks to the transportation graciously donated by Blue Water Motorsports.  We also received generous donations from H.H. Gregg, Food Lion, Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods.
A special thanks to Greg, Roy, and all the folks at Blue Water Motorsports.
 We have installed a new electric heating system in our truck that should keep the windows frost-free this fall.

Brandon extracting the blower motor from a donor truck.
 One final step was to install the J1772 charging port on the car, which works with the charging station donated by Schneider Electric.
The port is cleverly hidden in the vent; you can use a regular household outlet with the plug under the fuel door.
The EVlink charging station, powered on and charging the MR2.

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