Friday, July 22, 2011

PLUG IN 2011

Wow, what a week!  We had the awesome opportunity of representing the EV Challenge at the  Plug In 2011 Expo this week in Raleigh.  Not only were we able to gain experience about emerging EV technologies, we also were thrust into the spotlight as hundreds of vendors and guests viewed our MR2 and asked questions about our program.  Wonderful exposure!
   Three Topsail students, Stephen Henderson, Shelby Sessions and Ryan Berkey were on hand to field even the most difficult questions about the EV Challenge program and the MR2 conversion.  Most notable was the typical reaction of "A High School did this?".  Yes, it is out...High School students are capable of great things if given the proper education and motivation.  Nothing like being able to convert and drive an electric vehicle to stoke the fires of creativity and passion!
  Being the only non factory manufactured Electric or Hybrid vehicle at the show, the Topsail High MR2 seemed to stick out among the likes of the Volt, Leaf, ImEV, Focus and Prius.  With the newly installed Lithium Ion battery pack, the MR2 can achieve close to 100 miles on a charge, a fact that was not lost on the onlookers as they marveled at the creativity and overall workmanship of the High School project.


  1. Thanks for participating at Plug-In. All of us on the Plug-In team were thrilled to have you there!

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