Tuesday, February 12, 2013

On the road again!

The battery transplant is now complete and the MR2 is back on the road, thanks to seven long hours of work on Saturday by some dedicated students.  Re-wiring the Orion BMS took a lot of time and patience (and a call to their ever-helpful customer support line), but it is now working to equalize our new battery pack.  There are still some final details to attend to, but now our attention can shift to the Volkswagen and preparing for the EV challenge.  Check out the pictures of our progress.

Drilling out holes for the battery straps.

The front box, ready to go back in!

Moving the bug out of the way, so the MR2 can get on the lift.
Since the new cells are smaller, we need new holes for the battery cables.

The back box is almost finished...

Everything is in place up front.


  1. Really great work guys, quiet impressive. The co-ordination of your team is just awesome. Congrats.


  2. The team work you guys have is what i admire here more than anything.From where i am it looks like it will never work ,but with team spirit you have,jeez!I wish you best of luck on that one.

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