Saturday, July 10, 2010

Classy Chassis car show at Poplar Grove

We took the opportunity to show the truck at the Classy Chassis car show at Poplar Grove today.  The car is out of order right now awaiting a new motor, so we just showed the truck.  There were almost 200 cars there, mostly classic pre-1980 cars, so the attendance and exposure were great.  It was hot and muggy, but still great to get out and allow the students to display the truck and gain experience in showing the public our program.
  Thanks to Sean, Stephen, Tony, Kevin, Marissa and Zach for showing up and helping to promote our program.

p.s That red 1961 Bug belongs to Mr Garrett.  We should convert it to EV!


  1. Was my Dad's "Cruiser" and he really loved the car. Smoothest ride. just kidding dad! vehicle testing services

  2. Would your team consider selling the MR2? I am interested in buying it if you are. You can reach me at gmink21(at)hotmail(dot)com