Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Coupler, Battery Boxes, and Charger

The past two weeks have been very busy in the EV shop, as we are working on all three vehicles at the same time.  We still have much to do, but are on track to finish in time for the EV Challenge next month.

The coupler to mate the electric motor with the transmission has been machined by Mr. Sholar at Cape Fear Community College.  The next step is to install the motor.
The new coupler
Thank-you cake.
Also, the battery boxes and heaters are being installed in the Volkswagen.  Next, we will install the cells and wire everything up.
Bolting in the rear battery box.

Matt wiring the battery heaters.
With the Ranger, we have mounted the new charger.  It will be back on the road as soon as the controller is repaired.
Brady securing the charger.


  1. Very nice, thanks for the information.

  2. Great work..all these main parts of vehicles. Its good information for us i will share this post also with my friends .